Friday, July 31, 2009

Fair and balanced governance

Chalk Ohio up as yet another state I'll never move to.... I mean are you kidding me? Look, I guess being a resident of the Arnold-state doesn't afford me too much bitch-room, but where does this guy get off signing a piece of crap like this into law? I mean, I'm not a Constitutionalogist but this has to be illegal?

On top of that... if you're so fuckin' brave to honor Jesus or whoever by passing this anti-human garbage than at least have the cajones to do it during the week and not throwing it out on Friday afternoon (behind closed doors whatever that means) with the rest of the garbage. I'm so pissed -- I'm gonna go find people from Ohio and kick their ass.

The dishonorable Governor Taft for some reason believes that, "the effects of this Act have been misunderstood and inaccurately portrayed in the media." I beg to differ. I think any person with half a brain realizes that a law like this is pure out-of-the-closet hatred, fear, and bigotry.